Bioleptin Reviews

We heard a lot about new diet pills on the market which claims to be best and effective. But our aim is to provide unbiased reviews to help people understand what it is in reality by doing a in depth review about the products. Like this we did a in depth analysis on Bioleptin weight loss pill on the basis of the details given on it’s official website and sharing you all the details that we found over internet.

As per the official website,Bioleptin is a weight loss supplement which help you lose weight.

bioliptin reviewsBioLeptin is a dietary supplement that states, the hypothalamus is mainly responsible for your failure to lose excess weight. The actual wording claims your “brain is sabotaging your weight loss efforts. it is very hard to believe those claims.

The manufacturer also claims that this supplement is safe and a powerful blend of natural ingredients, designed by scientists and doctor to reprogram the hypothalamus that result in weight loss. But there is no authentic proof about this claims.

We did a vast research on many pages which are promoting this supplement ad found plenty of promises without any clinical evidence.

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About The Manufacturer

Puregreens Nutrition PTE LTD is behind this supplement. The company doesn’t disclose their correct location, and also the video clip definitely is aimed towards the American market using American celebrities. and showing the American lifestyle and diet.

What Are The Benefits Bioleptin Supplement

The supposed advantages are as follows:

  • Protect You From Diabetes
  • Reduce bad cholesterol as well as blood pressure
  • Lower the risk off heart disease and stroke
  • Clear lines and wrinkles on Your skin and also dark spots beneath your eyes
  • Reduce the aging process to live far healthier and longer
  • Enhance memory power and energy.

As per the prolonged sales page, Bioleptin invokes leptin, a hormone within your body that alerts your brain when you’ve got sufficient food. This substance becomes beyond capacity when you’re obese and stops to operate so you constantly experience hunger.

Does Bioleptin work?

In case you are ready for Bioleptin to change your lifestyle around in the manner that the manufacturer promises, you’re going to be frustrated. However being overweight has become a health risk, therefore the promises made for this dietary supplement tend to be essentially very same benefits you can wish to get simply by shedding pounds.

On the other hand, prior to we all rush out and purchase, it is very important to keep in mind that there have only been 2 scientific trials conducted into African mango, and there have been issues in regards to the quality and control of the lab tests.

It is hard to believe the claims made by the manufacturer as there is no authentic proof.

Bioleptin Ingredients

Even though the official website of Bioleptin have long page,they fail to disclose the real facts about the product. How can they forget to mention the dosage or even the quantity of the ingredients used in the supplements.

It is hard to believe that the product is made by using 2 ingredients, Irvingia Gabonesis and Chromax.

1. Irvingia Gabonesis : Generally known as African mango seed, this specific ingredient has been tested for its advantages to fat reduction and the 2 clinical investigations seemed encouraging. Bioleptin contains IGOB131, a patented model of the natural substance and also the same as utilized in the medical tests. Based on this data, each pill consists of 150mg to be taken two times every day for 10 weeks.

2. Chromax : A few clinical testing has evaluated a deficiency of chromium, an important trace mineral to be the reason for lack of ability to process sugar effectively and it has been investigated with regard to treatment method of diabetes. However,has never ever found a biomedical cause of the body’s requirement for chromium.

If you are diabetic, is always better to consult with your Doctor first if you are planning to use Chromax.

Bioleptin Side Effects

There ar reports of side effects from the people who used this supplement like, headaches,sleep disorder,Dizziness,Gas,Nausea as well as high blood pressure.

It is not suitable for pregnant women and also people who are suffering from diabetes.

Where To Buy Bioleptin

You can easily buy Bioleptin directly from it’s official website.

Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturing 100% money back guarantee for people who used Bioleptin and dissatisfied with the result. They just need to return the bottles to get back their money. But, main thing is, they did not have proper contact address.As some site mentioned it is US based company but some says it is in Singapore. Lot’s of confusion.


After a long research and analysis, we do not recommend this pill to our readers as it not good enough or trustworthy product to get recommend. This weight loss supplement is not only overpriced but also not that much effective with regards to weight loss. There is a Money back guarantee but there is no proper support or contact information on the official site to get your money back.

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