Forskolin 250 Reviews

Weight loss supplements are popular products in the modern health-conscious world, especially as numerous studies have shown the strong association between weight and health. But not all of these supplements are safe and effective so extreme caution must be adopted by individuals interested in these products.  Fortunately, there are also Forskolin 250 reviewsreliable weight loss supplements that deliver on their manufacturers’ promises.

Based on numerous studies, Forskolin 250 is a safe and effective brand of weight loss pills! Its proper and regular use increases the chances of success in shedding off excess pounds and in maintaining a healthy weight. It’s also recommended by fitness experts for their clients who want to see faster weight loss results without the risks of unsafe dietary supplementation.

Bauer Nutrition, a known manufacturer of a wide range of weight loss, sports and nutritional supplements, is the maker of the natural weight loss supplement. From the positive reviews about the company’s products, shipping policies and customer services, we can surmise that, indeed, it’s a dependable company. Buyers have the assurance that their purchased products will work as well as the company advertises they would or they will get their money back.

Of course, the actual experiences with weight loss supplements will be different for each individual. We suggest reading on for more information about it and, thus, adopt the proper steps to make full use of its benefits.

Main Benefits

When used regularly and properly for several weeks, as well as coupled with the right diet and exercise plan, the weight loss supplement can provide the following benefits:

The weight loss supplement is also easy to take, safe and effective for relatively healthy adults, and priced reasonably.

How Does it Work?

The active ingredient in Forskolin 250 is forskolin extract derived from the roots of the forskolin plant (Coleus forskohlii), a native plant found in India, Nepal and Thailand. While it may seem new to the Western world, it has been used for several centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses. These include hypertension and asthma, usually as an adjunct treatment to other herbs.

In the Western world, however, the emphasis has been on its use in weight loss.  Several studies have been conducted on the effect of forskolin on the body’s metabolism with most of them pointing to its efficacy in boosting metabolism. Many users have also given strong anecdotal evidence about its efficacy so perhaps you may consider their own positive experiences with it.

According to these tests, the weight loss supplement has several beneficial actions. First, its forskolin extract boosts the body’s production of fat-breaking enzymes that, in turn, aids in breaking down the stored fat in your body.

Stored fat, especially in the abdominal section, makes it difficult for the body to shed excess weight even with cardio and strength training exercises. In fact, abdominal fat is the most difficult to burn off, especially among older adults with slower metabolism. Even with thousands of abdominal crunches and the like performed every day, it will likely stay without a boost in fat-breaking enzymes.

Second, its forskolin extract increases the body’s metabolism. Your body’s metabolism slows down as you age, among other reasons, such that even with a strict diet and exercise program, you will likely still encounter hitting your ideal weight.

You may reduce your calorie intake, engage in high-intensity interval training exercises, and adopt sensible lifestyle habits but still get unsatisfactory results.  You may blame your slow metabolism for it. You can turn things around by taking Forskolin 250 on its recommended dosage.

Within a few weeks of regular and proper use, you will observe that you’re shedding pounds faster than you ever did before! You can thank the forskolin extract for it along with your healthy diet and exercise program.

Third, its forskolin extract contributes to the decrease of body fat percentage and increase in bone mass. Both aspects are crucial in weight loss – decreasing body fat means faster weight loss while increasing bone mass supports it.

On the cellular level, the forskolin extract boosts the production of cAMP, a molecule that sends signals to the cells regarding the increased production of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). This is a fat-breaking enzyme that breaks down body fat stored in the cells that, in the process, releases fatty acids via thermogenesis (i.e., heat production within your body).

cAMP also has another important function in weight loss that bears mentioning. By stimulating the thyroid, an organ that regulates metabolism, the molecule boosts metabolism – and the more efficient your metabolism is, the more likely you can lose weight with the proper program.

Active Ingredients

According Bauer Nutrition, each serving (i.e., two capsules) of Forskolin 250 contains 250 milligrams of forskolin extract. This is considered as the most effective dosage.

The weight loss supplement doesn’t contain fillers, binders, and additives as well as stimulants, such as caffeine, that may cause adverse side effects among users. Every pill contains only the active ingredient so it’s 100% natural dietary supplement that makes it safe for use by most adults.

Customer Reviews

Here are a few customer reviews that we found about it.

Jack, 35 years old

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight with other supplements until a friend recommended Forskolin 250. And then boom! I started losing weight but in a gradual manner – nothing too sudden so that I’m in danger of becoming a scarecrow.

Jennifer, 28 years old

I’m a mother of a two-year old and it hasn’t been easy shaking off my pregnancy weight, especially with my busy schedule and slower metabolism. But when I started taking Forskolin 250 based on the suggestion of a fellow mother, I observed several changes in my body. I lost my belly fat faster than with other diet pills but I didn’t suffer from side effects. I’m so happy with it!

Miley, 25 years old

I have lost hope about ever getting to my healthy weight – I’m overweight at 150 kilos. But when I started taking Forskolin 250, I began losing weight by as much as 50 kilos in less than a year! I may still have more work to do but I’m confident I will achieve my goals with these diet pills.

How to Use This Weight loss Supplement?

Think of the weight loss supplement as part of your daily nutritional supplementation plan and you will take to it quickly. Be sure to keep these tips in mind, too, so that you can increase its efficacy:

  • Follow the recommended dosage. You may increase its dosage but only under medical supervision since excessive forskolin intake has side effects, as can be expected from any dietary supplement.
  • Adopt a healthy diet and exercise plan. While forskolin extract has beneficial effects on your metabolism, decreasing your calorie intake to healthy levels and increasing your physical activity are still a must for successful weight loss. You should ideally consult with your doctor before taking any dietary supplement and adopting a new diet and exercise program.  But if you’re a relatively healthy adult without know underlying medical conditions, then you may safely take this forskolin-based diet pill.
  • Adopt sensible lifestyle habits, such as getting sufficient hours of sleep, managing your stress, and avoiding recreational drugs, alcoholic drinks, and tobacco products.  Sleep, for example, affects the way that the body produces and processes insulin, a hormone that influences body fat storage.
  • Drink plenty of water. Aside from the fact that sufficient hydration is a must for successful weight loss, it’s also necessary for the proper absorption of the forskolin extract into your digestive system. Keeping your body hydrated is, more importantly, crucial for the maintenance of its normal functions.

Suffice it to say that Forskolin 250 shouldn’t be abused and misused in any way. While it’s made of an all-natural ingredient, too much and too little of it will not provide the desired results.

Any Safety Precaution Needed to Follow?

While forskolin extract is generally safe for healthy but overweight adults, thanks to the absence of possibly harmful ingredients, there are certain cohorts that shouldn’t take it in any form for safety reasons. These cohorts include:

  • Individuals below 18 years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding or lactating women
  • Persons with a cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure, blood clotting issues, and arrhythmia
  • Individuals taking blood thinners, antidepressants, and antipsychotic medications

If you suspect yourself of having an underlying medical condition or you have been diagnosed with one, then you should always talk to your doctor about dietary supplementation. The use of diet pills may be contraindicated for your condition or may have interactions with the drugs you’re taking at present.

Any Side Effects?

Yes, there are side effects when using these diet pills but these are usually minor in severity and temporary in nature.  Most users don’t even report side effects while the few that report them usually experience:

•    Increased heart rate
•    Low blood pressure
•    Flushed skin
•    Cough
•    Tremor
•    Restlessness
•    Headache
•    Stinging feeling in the eyes

You may or may not have these side effects from forskolin use. But before jumping to the conclusion that it’s the cause of these symptoms, you may want to look further into other causes, such as other medications or a medical condition.

If these symptoms persist for a week, you should immediately stop using forskolin supplements and give your body a chance to become accustomed to it. You may then resume its intake after a couple of weeks, if you still want safe and effective weight loss.

How Fast Can One See Results?

Bauer Nutrition guarantees that regular and proper intake of Forskolin 250 will result in effective weight loss within 60 days (i.e., two months). If you don’t enjoy weight loss within 60 days, then you have the option of asking for a refund after the period has elapsed.


The recommended dosage is two capsules a day. These tips should help in proper absorption:

  • Take two capsules, ideally in the morning or noon, with ample food and water. 
  • Eat a small cracker and drink a glass of water in case you experience an upset stomach after drinking the diet pills. These will aid in the proper digestion of the pills.

Each bottle contains 60 pills so it’s sufficient for 30 days.

Price of Forskolin 250

The diet pills are reasonably priced, especially when their benefits are considered (i.e., good value for the money).  But if you want more savings, you should either:

  • Look out for discounts per bottle, which may be offered by the manufacturer.
  • Order more bottles to avail of the discounts on the package

The second option is the more viable one because the manufacturer offers generous discounts when you buy three bottles.  You don’t have to wait for the first option to happen either so you can get started on your weight loss plan as soon as possible.

Where to Buy Forskolin 250

The diet pills are only available from the manufacturer’s official website. Don’t waste your breath looking for them in online shops and physical stores, such as health food shops, pharmacies, and supermarkets, because there are none – at least, the genuine kind.


Does Forskolin 250 work for both men and women?

Yes, it works for both men and women although we must also emphasize that the results will likely vary from one individual to the next.  You may, for example, lose weight faster than your friends on the same program because of your already faster metabolism, lower body fat percentage, and greater emphasis on strength training.

How many pounds can I lose using this fat burner?

You can lose as many pounds as necessary for as long as you keep using it. You may lose 5 kilos in your first month of use followed by sustained weight loss in the succeeding months.

Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

Yes, you will shed excess weight easier and faster when you adopt an exercise program consisting of the right balance between cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises.  While forskolin extract can boost your metabolism, your physical exercises will increase your metabolic rate even more.

Do I have to diet? Do I need a diet plan?

Yes, you should ideally adopt a healthy diet plan. You don’t have to starve yourself or follow the latest diet trend because both are dangerous to your health. Instead, your new diet plan should be designed according to these general guidelines:

You can lose as many pounds as necessary for as long as you keep using it. You may lose 5 kilos in your first month of use followed by sustained weight loss in the succeeding months.

Will it work for me?

Yes, it can work for you! Just be sure to follow the recommended dosage as well as diet and exercise plan so that you can enjoy the best possible result.


Forskolin 250 is a safe and effective diet supplement that comes highly recommended by satisfied users, even by fitness experts who have seen the positive results in their clients! When you combine it with a sensible diet, exercise and lifestyle plan, you should be able to see significant weight loss within 30 days, an impressive one when compared with other diet pills.

We recommend forskolin extract, too, because it doesn’t result in as many side effects as other diet pills although there are still a few.  But even with these side effects, the forskolin diet pills are so effective that these can be overlooked, particularly as these are uncommon, minor and temporary.

Because the diet pills are reasonably priced, you will not hesitate to buy three bottles, which should be sufficient supply for three months of regular intake. Within three months, your body will likely undergo significant changes in its physique – lower body fat percentage, larger muscle mass, and lesser body weight, among others.

You will also appreciate the benefits that come with a healthy body weight, such as reduced risks of chronic degenerative diseases.  You will also love that you look and feel better from your healthy diet and intense exercise sessions.  You may even feel like a better version of yourself, mentally and emotionally speaking.

Just be sure to follow the abovementioned tips about taking the diet pills including safety precautions.  Forskolin 250 may be among the best in the market today but it has its limitations, too, so you better start on the right foot with it.