GenF20 Plus Reviews

Why GenF20 Plus Is A Popular HGH Supplement

Yes, aging is a natural occurrence of life and we should be glad that we reach old age because not everybody is given the privilege. But we also don’t want to experience the effects of premature aging when we have the resources to look youthful! This is where GenF20 Plus, a safe and effective HGH supplement, comes in.

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While it isn’t the fountain of youth, it’s definitely a great dietary supplement that turns back the clock even for men and women who already have the signs of premature aging. These include fine lines and wrinkles, decreased levels of physical energy and mental alertness, and reduced sex drive, among others, which can affect quality of life.

Manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a reputable company known for its safe and effective dietary supplements, GenF20 Plus is a natural anti-aging human growth hormone (HGH) dietary supplement. With its combination of ingredients, it’s formulated to stimulate the body’s natural production of HGH, a hormone responsible for the regulation of metabolism, muscle tone and skin health. When it’s taken regularly and properly, it will contribute to a more youthful appearance than ever before.

The body itself makes HGH but with age comes decreased production. In your mid-twenties, your body reaches its HGH production and, thus, it’s a time when you feel like you’re at the prime of life. But as you enter your early thirties and onwards, your body’s HGH production declines by 1% every year – or 10% every decade – and if you’re not into healthy lifestyle habits, it can even be higher.

Emphasis must be made that GenF20 Plus isn’t a synthetic form of HGH! It’s made from a wide range of botanicals, herbs, vitamins and minerals, and amino acids, which are safe for human use. It’s also a two-part system, namely, a daily supplement and an oral spray that should be taken daily.

Benefits of Using GenF20 Plus

While it’s slightly expensive, it’s a popular HGH product because of its numerous benefits including:

  • Boosts HGH production in the body through natural, safe and effective ingredients.
  • Gives noticeable results including enhanced mental functions and increased physical energy
  • Detoxifies the liver so waste excretion becomes more efficient
  • Smoothens the skin so there’s less fine lines and wrinkles
  • Easy to take with its enterically-coated capsules and oral spray, which enhances better absorption
  • Approved by experts including Dr. Steven Lamm
  • No need for expensive and dangerous HGH injections and synthetic HGH

How Does It Work?

To understand how GenF20 Plus works, we must discuss the basics of HGH. It’s a hormone that plays crucial roles in the development growth and regeneration of cells in the body. It’s naturally produced by the body with its peak production reached in your mid-twenties, as previously mentioned.

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But as you increase in chronological years, your HGH levels decrease. Yes, you can slow down the aging process by adopting healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating balanced meals, getting sufficient sleep and avoiding alcohol, recreational drugs and tobacco. But the fact still remains that your body is aging and it shows in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

But these aren’t the only concerns with dropping HGH levels. You can also experience slower metabolism resulting in weight gain, feelings of fatigue even in the morning, and weakness of your muscles, to name a few.

Fortunately, when you take GenF20 Plus on a regular and proper manner, you can reverse most of these signs of premature aging. It works by stimulating the pituitary gland, the part responsible for HGH production, to make and release more HGH into the bloodstream. In time, your body’s HGH levels will increase and you will feel and look younger, too.

Of course, GenF20 Plus isn’t the fountain of youth in a pill and a spray. You should also adopt a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, fish and lean meat, legumes and whole grains, and nuts and seeds; eat in moderation; exercise on a moderate basis every day; get sufficient rest and sleep; and avoid alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

Main Ingredients

According to the GenF20 Plus official website, these are the active ingredients in the HGH dietary supplement.

L-Arginine: is an amino acid that aids in tripling HGH levels as well as in burning fats, boosting the immune system, and improving fertility.

L-Tyrosine: is used in boosting thyroxine production; thyroxine is a hormone crucial in the regulation of cell growth and metabolism.

L-Glutamine: is also an amino acid that stimulates metabolism, muscle growth and cell division.

L-Glycine: aids in stimulating the pituitary gland so it can produce more HGH, as well as in calming the brain and enhancing prostrate health.

L-Lysine: not only improves the body’s immune system but it also makes L-Arginine more effective when combined together.

L-Valine: A branched-chain amino acid, aids in efficient muscle metabolism, tissue maintenance and growth, and nitrogen balance.

L-Ornithine: Also aids in tripling the body’s HGH production when it’s combined with L-Arginine and lysine, among other amino acids.

GenF20 Plus Ingredients

GABA: is also a powerful amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter. As such, it aids in the optimum functioning of the nerves in the brain as well as in boosting HGH production.

Astralagus Root: is an herbal preparation that aids in boosting the functions of the immune system and metabolism, as well as in the improvement of the nervous system’s function.

Deer velvet antler: contains high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine, both of which are known to increase collagen production; collagen is the glue, so to speak, which holds the skin cells together and, thus, keeps them smooth, supple and healthy. It also contains insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that precedes an increase in HGH levels.

Colostrum: is the first milk that comes out of most female mammals’ breasts; pregnant women usually make them during the late stages of their pregnancy in readiness for their babies’ birth. It’s known to boost the immune system’s function, thus, it’s the first milk a newborn should get. It’s also important in increasing muscle mass and in protecting the body from premature aging when taken by adults in processed form (i.e., powdered).

Phosphatidyl choline: is crucial in the breakdown of excess fat in the body.

GTF chromium: aids in maintaining blood glucose levels and, as such, it’s important in weight control, metabolism and energy production.

As can be seen, there are no harmful ingredients in GenF20 Plus.

How to Use GenF20 Plus

Every GenF20 Plus package has a bottle with 120 capsules and an oral spray (Alpha-GPC). The capsules have an enteric coating for better absorption into the bloodstream while the oral spray reinforces the beneficial effects of the capsules.

The recommended dose is four tablets a day combined with six squirts of the oral spray. Take two capsules in the morning with your breakfast and follow with three squirts of the oral spray under your tongue. Then in the evening, take two capsules and three squirts with your dinner. Don’t drink water for 15 minutes to let the spray take its effects first.

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When using GenF20 Plus, be sure to take it with your meals, as previously mentioned. If you skip a dose in the morning, you can take it at lunch but it’s best to follow the breakfast-and-dinner routine.

How Fast Can One See Results?

Keep in mind that every individual is unique and, thus, the actual results from regular and proper intake of GenF20 Plus will vary. Your age, physical condition and lifestyle habits have a significant influence on its effects on your body. You may observe that you’re responding faster to its intake than your best friend but that’s okay because everybody’s different.

Most people see results within a month in the form of smoother and suppler skin, as well as increased mental focus and physical energy. But be sure to continue taking GenF20 Plus since you will see better and better results over time. You will even observe that your sexual energy has returned to its near-normal state, if not returned to your youthful energy.

Are There Any GenF20 Plus Side Effects?

No, there are no side effects with the proper and regular use of GenF20 Plus. This is because it only contains natural ingredients that have been proven safe for human consumption.

But if you have an underlying medical condition or you’re on prescription medications, you should see your doctor if it’s safe to take HGH dietary supplements.

Is GenF20 Plus Safe to Use?

Yes, of course, it is! Again, it contains natural ingredients that are safe and effective in boosting the body’s natural HGH production.

Where to Buy GenF20 Plus

Only buy GenF20 Plus from its official website ! While online shops, such as Walmart and Amazon, and health food stores offer it, we don’t suggest buying from these stores for many reasons. You may not get the genuine product and avail of the guarantee, even get higher prices for the same product.


GenF20 Plus is a highly recommended HGH dietary supplement because it’s safe and effective in restoring your youthful appearance and vigor, even your fertility or virility. It’s also easy to take since it only involves taking capsules and spritzing an oral spray under your tongue – no injections, no patches and no steroids to worry about! Its ingredients work in sync to ensure that your body regains its youthfulness from the inside out without the need for expensive and complicated surgery.