Phen24 Reviews

Your metabolism works 24 hours a day, of course, but it doesn’t work the same way in the morning and evening. This is the reason why most weight loss supplements phen24 diet pillsdon’t work – these only work during the day so these are less effective than a weight loss supplement system that works 24 hours a day. But does such a weight loss supplement system actually exist?

Well, it does, and it’s called Phen24! You will agree, once you’ve taken it for a week or two, that indeed it works like a charm in shedding the excess pounds and unwanted fat in your problem areas.  You’re shedding the pounds faster, too, with the same diet and exercise habits like before.

Unlike most weight loss supplements that only come as a single pill, Phen24 comes as two pills – a daytime pill and a nighttime pill. In order to get the best results in your weight loss plan, you have to take these two pills every day albeit at different times obviously. You have to do it, too, since each of these pills work in different ways to influence your metabolism.

The daytime and nighttime pills make sense, too, considering that your metabolism continues to work whether you’re awake or asleep. Your metabolism works faster during the day because you’re engaged in physical and mental activities that burn more calories and fats. You will obviously burn more calories and fats when you’re engaged in strenuous exercises, such as high intensity interval training, but your metabolism is at work when you’re walking, running and lifting things as part of your everyday tasks.

At night, your metabolism slows down but it’s still at work because your body still functions. Your brain, heart and liver, among other organs, continue with their functions, from breathing and pumping oxygen to repairing microscopic injuries.

On both times, Phen24 is at work!

Benefits of Using Phen24

How Does It Work?

Again, Phen24 works through specific targeting – instead of just a single pill formulated to stimulate weight loss 24/7, it consists of two pills for the daytime and nighttime with each pill having a specific formulation.

The daytime pill has ingredients that:

Increase your body’s metabolic rate during the day so you can burn more calories and fat. You will then shed excess weight faster and easier even with the same amount of exercise and food portions.

Boost your physical energy so you have more of it for your cardio, strength and flexibility training exercises. Your body’s calorie-busting capacity will then increase because you’re able to perform more exercises (i.e., longer duration or harder movements).

Improve your mood, a must in weight loss because the more motivated you are, the more likely you will eat and exercise in moderation. You will also be less likely to be stressed about everyday mattersso you don’t engage in stress eating and you sleep better at night; extreme or unmanaged stress is among the causes of weight gain or unsuccessful weight loss.

The nighttime pill contains ingredients that:

Boost your body’s metabolism at night so your body burns more calories and fat even when you’re sleeping. The effect is akin to performing high intensity interval training exercises during the day and your body still burning calories 48 hours afterwards, even when you’re not doing much of anything.

Decrease your cravings for food, especially at night and at midnight. While you don’t want to enjoy a midnight snack, your body seems to crave for the carbs, sugar and fat in food, usually the ones filled with flour, butter and sugar (e.g., cake and cookies). You will feel these hunger pangs being less of a nuisance when you start taking Phen24.

Improve your sleep, a must since your body requires sleep for efficient use of calories, insulin and fat. Sleep is also crucial in decreasing the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and the stress hormone, cortisol.

When taken together, these two pills will jumpstart your weight loss!

Main Ingredients

The daytime pill has these ingredients:

Caffeine has a stimulant effect that boosts physical energy, brain activity and metabolism as well as physical performance. It’s also important in suppressing the appetite and stimulating the burning of fat.

Guarana extract also increases physical energy and burns fat, which complement the functions of caffeine in weight loss.

Cayenne has capsaicin, a chemical compound known for its fat-burning effect. It can increase the body’s temperature – think of the way that your body sweats more when you’re eating spicy foods and you get the idea –that results in faster fat burning. It’s also known for its role in maintaining normal blood pressure and digestive health – when consumed in moderate amounts, of course.

phen24 ingredients

Phenylalanine is an amino acid, the building blocks of protein, necessary for the proper development of muscles. Keep in mind that muscles burn more fat so the bigger your muscles grow, the greater the amount of fat your body can burn. This amino acid is also known for its positive effect on an appetite-suppressing hormone, cholecystokinin, so you will have less hunger pangs and less food consumed at night.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid, the building blocks of protein, necessary for the proper development of muscles. Keep in mind that muscles burn more fat so the bigger your muscles grow, the greater the amount of fat your body can burn. This amino acid is also known for its positive effect on an appetite-suppressing hormone, cholecystokinin, so you will have less hunger pangs and less food consumed at night.

The nighttime pill has a different set of ingredients:

Glucomannan stimulates better water absorption by the body’s cells, particularly in the intestines, which prevents constipation and cravings at night. It also suppresses the appetite by stimulating the feeling of being full.

Chromium picolinate aids in the efficient conversion of the macronutrients in food into energy, the fuel used by the body in the performance of daily activities and exercises. It also aids in decreasing blood glucose, building muscle, and suppressing the appetite that contribute to faster weight loss.

Biotin also stimulates the breakdown of macronutrients and aids in calorie utilization so there’s less calories and fat stored in the body.

Green tea extract fights the cellular damage caused by free radicals that, in turn, makes for faster burning of fat.

Hops extract relaxes the body so you can go to sleep faster and enjoy better sleep.

Choline bitartrate decreases food cravings as well as supports the overall health of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

Molybdenum supports the overall health of the muscular and digestive systems, both of which play crucial roles in weight loss.

Pantothenic acid, also known as Vitamin B5, aids in decreasing stress and in strengthening the immune system.

Thiamine, or Vitamin B1, helps in fat and protein metabolization and in the conversion of food into glucose.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride, or Vitamin B6, aids in the maintenance of glucose levels and, thus, in controlling hunger pangs.

How to Use Phen24?

Take the daytime pill 20-30 minutes before your breakfast and the nighttime pill 20-30 minutes before your dinner. In both cases, drink the pill with a full glass of water to make it easier to swallow and digest.

Don’t take either of these pills beyond the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of one pill a day, even when you want faster results for any reason. Keep in mind that these pills have been formulated for a gradual effect, not as a magic bullet that will result in a 10-pound weight loss within a week – the Phen24 system doesn’t work that way.

Don’t take two pills today if you missed one pill the day or night yesterday – it doesn’t work like the birth control pill either.  Just take one pill for today and proceed as you normally would.  Set a timer so you don’t forget.

Don’t drink caffeine-infused drinks like soda, much less drink coffee, when taking Phen24. There’s also caffeine in the daytime pill so taking caffeine from other sources can result in palpitations and other side effects.

Do drink plenty of water for hydration.

How Fast Can One See Results?

Phen24 doesn’t work in the same way for everybody in terms of when visible results will come mainly because every individual’s case is different. There are several factors that affect your unique response to the weight loss pills, too, such as your physical condition, sex, diet and exercise plan, and physiology.

For example, a younger person will likely see faster results than an older person because of their differences in metabolism – a younger person has faster metabolism than an older person, not to mention more physical energy for exercises.

Most Phen24 users, nonetheless, see a 1-2 kilos weight loss within four weeks or so.  They also report increased energy levels, improved sleep patterns, and decreased appetite.

Are There Any Phen24 Side Effects?

There are minor side effects that usually resolve on their own within a couple of days. The secret here is to use Phen24 as directed so you have little to no risk of experiencing the side effects, which include mild nausea, headache, and irritability. These side effects are caused by the caffeine in the daytime pills but, again, these are nothing to be concerned about.

Any Safety Precaution Needed To Follow?

The following cohorts shouldn’t use Phen24 at any time and for any reason:

Minors (under 18 years old)

 •    Women who are pregnant of breastfeeding

•    People on medication for depression and diabetes
•    People with serious underlying medical conditions like endocrine, liver, or kidney disorders

Where to Buy Phen24

Only buy from its official website ( since it’s the most reliable site for the product. You may want to buy from the likes of Amazon, Walmart and eBay but these sources aren’t to be trusted because their Phen24 products may not be genuine, among other reasons. You shouldn’t buy from other websites either since these are likely selling fake or tampered products.

Prices and Package

Retail Price

Discounted Price


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And you will get one box for free when you buy two boxes, too!

Recommendation/ Conclusion

Phen24 is among the best weight loss supplements we’ve come across so far! Where other weight loss supplements give half-baked results because these only work during the daytime, it works 24 hours a day so your weight loss results are spectacular. Your body is essentially burning more calories and fat whether it’s engaged in activity or at rest so you lose the unwanted pounds faster and easier.

But it isn’t just the effective weight loss that we’re talking about here either. You will also enjoy improved sleep at night, decreased hunger pangs in the morning and evening, and increased energy levels! You may even feel like you’re a new person, in a manner of speaking, because you feel lighter, both in your body and soul.