TrimSpa X32 Reviews

If you have seen the advertisements on TrimSpa X32 with Anna Nicole Smith on every website and bottle, then you should read a few facts no one tells you on the internet. Check the true facts about the product as well as the reasons why it may not be up to your expectations.

The manufacturers of this product claim that it’s the same product as the TrimSpa diet pill sold before 2004. The old product contained a now-banned ingredient which, TrimSpa X32while it was proven to be effective in losing weight, it was also associated with heart damage and increased risk of seizures.

The company behind TrimSpa X32 pills claims that it has the same formula to the old one, but in fact, the only ingredient proven to work was removed due to being banned by the FDA. Advertisements also put an emphasis on the former star Anna Nicole Smith and how she lost weight, but she actually used the old product, and her story is more complicated that the advertisers want to show.

Main ingredients Of TrimSpa X32

The former active ingredient of this supplement has been banned and replaced with Hoodia extract. This is an African cactus species by the full name Hoodia gordonii, and in the early 2000s it was included in most diet pills out there. However, modern scientific studies have shown that this extract is actually ineffective for weight loss.

The product also contains green tea extract with the obvious caffeine content, citrus narigin, cocoa extract, glucomannan and glucosamine, some forms of sugars that are still to be tested for efficacy. The pills also contain vanadium chelate, which is supposed to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugars, but still yet has to be tested.

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How does it work?

The TrimSpa X32 diet pills supposedly work by increasing the fat burning metabolism. However, the claims are unfounded, especially since the main two ingredients which are Hoodia extract which has been tested and it turned out that it is not effective in weight loss. The pills will most likely give you an energy boost due to the relatively high content of caffeine. Having more energy might help you be more active and could lead to weight loss.

What Exactly Does TrimSpa X32 Promise To Do?

The promoting promises that Trimspa X32 is “The Unique Classic for Boosting Weight Loss”.

Correct because Trimspa X32 was invented as soon as the ban but many people will connect this supplement with original Trimspa, which included this substance.

This impact is reinforced by the photographs of Anna Nicola Smith, which even now feature highly over the internet, including her both before and after pictures.

Claims like “The Legend is Back” more this effect.

The manufacturer claim that this is the “identical formula” and it is just a little tricksy. Even though the advertising makes it very clear that Trimspa X32 is banned substance free version & promises Hoodia Gordonii as the Main & active component, you’ll be able to see the photos of Anna Nicola Smith and consider this is the identical supplement which really helped her.

Even though the banned substance had been highly harmful with regard to health but proved to work for shedding weight as opposed to Hoodia has been rejected by the health experts as it will not do much fo weight loss.

Side effects of TrimSpa X32

There are few side effects reported by consumers. However, due to its caffeine content, it might cause an increase in blood pressure, cause jitters, hyper sensitivity and potential sleeping disturbances. People with allergies or heart problems should say clear of this product.

Will This Supplement Work For You ?

The main ingredient which did work on the above mentioned stars and other people was banned due to being too risky. With the current ingredient composition of the pills, chances are you won’t lost much weight. You may feel an elevated mood and energy, but then again you could feel the same effects by actually drinking green tea and coffee.

Where Can You Buy TrimSpa X32?

You can buy this supplement directly from it’s official website. You can buy 2 bottles of TrimSpa X32 and get 1 free and it cost you $59.90. There is no option to buy single bottle.

Overseas buyers have to contact the company to know the expense of shipping and delivery abroad.

They charge $3.95 for US buyers.

Money back Guarantee

There is no Money back guarantee the manufacturer on this so called weight loss supplement.


Do yourself a favor and don’t buy this product. Rather than spending money on an expensive diet pill like TrimSpa X32, you would be better off buying yourself some nice coffee and green tea and brewing your own beverages.

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