Water While Building Muscle Mass

Did you know that we can survive without food for a few weeks, but we cannot live without water for even just a few days? Next to oxygen, water is the second most essential element that sustains us. In other words, we need water to survive!

Aside from keeping us alive and well, water also plays a vital role in the growth and performance of our bodies. When building their muscles, most people focus on training, protein intake, and rest. But they often forget to consume enough water.

water and bodybuilding

The body weight of the average person consists mainly of protein and water, with the latter amounting to about 65 percent. For example, a man with a body weight of 190lbs will have about 123lbs of water weight. He will need to consume enough water daily to sustain his body weight.

Benefits of Water to Muscle-Building

Indeed, water plays a vital role in every person’s life. But to a person who a plans to build muscles, the importance of water becomes even greater. Here are some of the benefits of water to muscle-building:

1. Water improves the digestive system.

In general, water is an essential component in the digestive process. We need it to digest our food properly. Not drinking enough water will result in constipation.

When we drink enough water, our bodies can absorb and transport nutrients more effectively. This habit will also help us to excrete waste materials more easily after the digestive process.

Since bodybuilders consume greater amounts of food, they need to increase their water intake, too. Because of continuous exercise, they also lose higher amounts of water through sweating. And so, they need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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2. Water helps to build muscles.

Water plays an important role in forming protein and glycogen structures in the body. In other words, it is essential to muscle-building. We need it to grow, flex, and move our muscles.

Without water, our muscles will cramp due to the lack of electrolytes. To maintain the right balance of electrolytes, we need to consume enough water. Otherwise, we will not be able to move and control our muscles well.

3. Water improves muscle tone.

Since our muscles are made mostly of water, the lack of it can reduce our muscle tone. Increasing our water consumption will help strengthen and improve our muscle tone. It will also help prevent muscles cramps and improve the appearance of our skin.

Water-Drinking Habits for Bodybuilders

Now that you know about the health benefits of water, how can you include it in your daily routine? Here are some pointers for water consumption during body-building:

  • Drink water before and during your workout. Otherwise, you will get tired faster and experience cramps. You will not be performing as well as you should be.
  • Drink water right after your workout. Otherwise, you will not perform well on the succeeding days. If you are taking supplements and eating more, you should consume about one and a half to three gallons every day.
  • Whether you feel thirsty or not, make sure that you drink at regular intervals. If you wait until you feel thirsty, your body might be dehydrated already. Drink water regularly to stay hydrated and to perform well.
  • Did you know that your body loses water during sleep, too? In particular, sleeping in a hot and dry place can make you lose a lot of water. To stay hydrated, drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • If you are a coffee-drinker, increase your water intake. Since coffee is a diuretic, you need to drink more water when you consume more caffeine.
  • Drink cold water as much as possible. This is because your body absorbs cold water faster than if the water is warm.
  • If you are taking vitamins and supplements, then you need to increase your water intake. There are some medicines that need higher amounts of water to be effective. Some of these may also be diuretics, which could harm your body if you do not drink enough water.

While water is crucial to everyone’s health and survival, it is all the more important for those who want to build their muscles. If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, then you should be aware of the role of water in building muscles. You should also strive to develop good water-drinking habits for your optimum body growth and performance.

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